SKWIRK Symmetry Challenge
Shady Symmetry
Reflecting Squarely
Attractive Tablecloths
Flower Power
Rotational Symmetry Explanation

Attractive Rotations

Rotational Symmetry – You Tube

Uploaded on Mar 22, 2010. By ‘TenMarksInstructor’. Learn to identify rotational symmetry in polygons.


More resources for teachers [via ‘Scootle’]

Symmetry animation – Level 3, 4, 5

Reflection symmetry animation – Level 3, 4, 5

Finding shapes with two lines of symmetry game – Level 3

Using mobile devices to capture images with lines of symmetry – teacher resource – Level 4

Line of symmetry and rotational symmetry Interactive resource BBC BITESIZE – Level 5

Teacher resource: using IWB to teach rotational symmetry: (begins 7 minute mark) – Level 4, 5, 6


  • Introduction to transformations. Focus question: Congruent, translation, rotation and reflection – What do these words have to do with shapes? Visit BBC – KS3 Bitesize Maths Task
  • Transformations can rotate, reflect and translate. This Maths is Fun link helps define these terms with detailed diagrams. Further explanations to help determine whether a shape is congruent or similar are included along with links to further examples of geometry terms at the bottom of the page.
  • has free directory of geometry games. This link has a focus on transformation games and puzzle games that involve rotation.



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