All ship SHAPE and set to go!

Congratulations Network Schools!

There are now 13 schools on board and signed up as an ‘author’ to this blog to participate in the first Network Challenge!

If team leaders require ‘author’ access for classroom teachers from their school to add posts who are not signed up, please email Kylie Tomat from Apollo Parkways Primary School on,

This blog is still on a private setting to the world wide web during the building and sign up phase. Therefore only users with the password will have access at this stage.

The private settings will be removed during week 6 of term 4, then the whole world can share our collaborative learning journey!

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3 thoughts on “All ship SHAPE and set to go!

  1. Miss Cousi’s Maths group- Yarrambat

    Our groups questions
    What is rotational symmetry?
    Who is the client? Name? Age?
    How many colours are we allowed to use?
    What does reflection of a shape mean?
    What is symmetry?
    How big can the logo be?
    What does multiple lines of symmetry mean?
    How are we going to create the logo?
    Do you get multiple bonuses for more than one of each of the criteria?
    Do you need to include every single part of the criteria? Or can you leave some out and have less bonuses?
    What does the translation of a shape mean?

    • Greetings Miss Cousi and her group

      What is rotational symmetry?:
      Rotational symmetry is symmetry based on angle that is not always horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

      What is symmetry?:
      Symmetry is an invisble line that seperates shapes into even parts. Irregular shapes generally have no line of symmetry because their lines can go anywhere as long as they end meeting each other and start vice-versa.

      What does multiple lines of symmetry mean?:
      More than 1 possible line of symmetry. A circle, for example, has an indefinite ammount of lines of symmetry.

      What does the relection of a shape mean?:
      If following by reflection, then the shape or other geometric body will be the exact same as if it were looking in a mirror.

      Hoped this helped 🙂
      Conner D
      6T-Apollo Parkways Primary

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