Hello and Welcome!

The Level 4 Nillumbik Schools Network has developed a great collaborative relationship over the recent years. This project looks to take working together beyond the inter-school sports fields and into the virtual classroom. Here you will find challenges that Nillumbik Schools can undertake, a space where children can share their learning and discoveries and a platform for children to see and give monitored feedback on other children’s efforts. This first pilot challenge has a maths and design focus and provides an opportunity for teachers and children to get on board and give it a go!

Sam Fleming, Yarrambat PS

Brad Ryan, Greenhills PS

Kylie Tomat, Apollo Parkways PS

4 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome!

  1. Howdy folks!

    We are just kicking off the challenge at our place today. We are excited and look forward to seeing all of the awesome Maths that we can all do in our network!

    Good Luck!!!!!


  2. Hi Nillumbik Schools’ Network,

    Apollo Parkways grade 5 and 6 classes are tuning in this week and reflecting (ha ha) on our symmetrical knowledge and trialing a range of the activities on offer on the links page of this blog.

    Look forward to reading the posts from other schools throughout the week. Thanks Yarrambat PS for posting some questions from your maths group. Miss Cousi’s students have some great ‘wonderings’ to kick start the challenge!

    Happy blogging,

    From Miss Tomat
    (on behalf of 6T, 6P, 6M, 6R, 5S, 5A, 5L and 5M)

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