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The Level 4 Nillumbik Schools Network has developed a great collaborative relationship over the recent years. This project looks to take working together beyond the inter-school sports fields and into the virtual classroom. Here you will find challenges that Nillumbik Schools can undertake, a space where children can share their learning and discoveries and a platform for children to see and give monitored feedback on other children’s efforts. This first pilot challenge has a maths and design focus and provides an opportunity for teachers and children to get on board and give it a go!

Sam Fleming, Yarrambat PS

Brad Ryan, Greenhills PS

Kylie Tomat, Apollo Parkways PS


Check out the Yarrambat Maths Extension kids at work. They’re using both Powerpoint and the good old fashion pens and pencils to create their designs. Not long now and they’ll be posted on the Yarrambat pages!! What are you guys up to????


Hi everyone,

After lots of tuning in my class has started the Shape Network task and are loving it!

We have a question….

Do the colours for the logo have to be symmetrical?


Miss Anderson and 5A from Apollo


Today we looked at lines of symmetry. We had a task where we had to cut out three shapes and use those three shapes to create a new shape that had a line of symmetry. In our photos you will see some of our workbooks and the shapes we had to manipulate.

We are enjoying learning about the different components of our logo design challenge and can’t wait to start designing our own.







91 Visitors!

Wow! The Nillumbik Schools’ Network Challenge has been going for just over a week and already we have 91 visitors to this blog!

Last week participating schools tuned in and used a variety of the activities linked to this blog to explore symmetry and transformation of shape. Some schools have started to delve into the ‘Design Brief’ and create their own logo designs.

This wondering wall is looking pretty bare so please add a post to say hi, introduce your grade and share one thing you have been doing in your geometry lessons.

If you would like other schools to collaborate with you, end the post with a question.

What school are you from?

Transformations of a shape

Grade 6T visited the Maths is Fun website this morning to revise the various forms of transformations of a shape. Here were found some useful images to refresh our understandings. We used geometric shapes to draw and represent rotation, reflection and translation of shapes in our grid books and on our iPads. Creating a pattern and/or design on the shape added to the challenge. When rotating a shape, we also discussed rotational symmetry through using the logo design powerpoint on this blog.

A good tip was that after any of the above transformations (turn, flip or slide), the shape still has the same size, area, angles and line lengths.

The other important Transformation is Resizing (also called dilation, contraction, compression, enlargement or even expansion). The shape becomes bigger or smaller:


What is a congruent shape?


All ship SHAPE and set to go!

Congratulations Network Schools!

There are now 13 schools on board and signed up as an ‘author’ to this blog to participate in the first Network Challenge!

If team leaders require ‘author’ access for classroom teachers from their school to add posts who are not signed up, please email Kylie Tomat from Apollo Parkways Primary School on,


This blog is still on a private setting to the world wide web during the building and sign up phase. Therefore only users with the password will have access at this stage.

The private settings will be removed during week 6 of term 4, then the whole world can share our collaborative learning journey!

Getting excited?

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